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We can give you peace of mind that your Spanish investment is being well cared for in your absence


This service is for the property owner who lives abroad and wants peace of mind that their Costa Del Sol holiday home is secure and cared for at all times.


Service includes:

  • Official key holder

  • Initial full inventory check of fixutres & fittings and all other contents of your property

  • Fortnightly/monthly inspections (when property is unoccupied)

  • Ensure property is secure

  • Visual inspection of interior and exterior of property

  • Collect mail and forward it to you if required

  • Ensure appliances and electrical equuipment are all in working order

  • Check for pests and vermin

  • Flush all toilets, run all taps and showers to clear any stagnant water and to eliminate any smell

  • Check terraces and patios

  • Air all rooms

  • Check swimming pool and garden (if applicable)

  • Report any issues to owner immediately

  • Our service can be tailored to meet your needs.

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